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Translated by Google Translate from: Niemożliwość zalogowania się do aplikacji

At the outset, I would like to point out that I am quite understanding, because I take into account the fact that your service has appeared on the Polish market quite recently.

However, the fact that I have to write on a public forum, because the support from email support@imaginecurve.com seems to ignore my case for a long time, as for me, proves that you do not treat Polish customers seriously and that I have a terrible support and customer service.

I cannot use my Curve card for about a month.
It happened that I decided to ask for help from your support available in the application in English, because I did not receive a welcome bonus on my account despite meeting the requirements.
The bonus came late. As a result, your employee wrote back a message asking me for additional verification of the account on an external entity, ie Onfido, blocking my account until verification there. I do not know why exactly then, but although I am reluctant to disclose data to third parties and it made me doubt it because I have never seen it happen anywhere in my life before, I did it for the sake of peace and quiet at the time specified by you. It is strange that you came to such a conclusion just at the time of my need to contact you, but I do not understand your procedures.

I did what you wrote to me in this conversation with the support, but also explaining the part of the message about connecting the main card from the bank, instead of the prepaid one, because I had my main bank card attached and I have no idea if there are any prepaid cards because I don’t know anything about it. Another Curve employee who joined this conversation made me understand that the previous employee had made a mistake because he told me that everything was fine with my cards (seriously!), Even though the previous employee blocked my account for this reason! A few days later, I was logged out of the application by myself.

Now, despite the verification done a long time ago, despite strange suggestions from your website, I still can’t log in to the application. What you define as “Magic Link”, when you ask for it and click on an email to what comes, is treated as expired immediately after clicking. In turn, when I log in normally with a password, your Curve application wants me to verify the phone number. I enter my only phone number and the application informs me in a message that it is already in use by another user. (really!) I wrote to the support with it, they wrote back to give them my number. Then I sent you my number as they wanted and they still did not write back. Once it even went further in the application and my number entered and asked to enter the code that should have come on the SMS, but no code came! And when you click to send the code again, the message that the number is already being used by another user! This completely blocks me from using the application. I’ve already written a few support emails, sent screenshots of the application as it happens, but they don’t do anything about it, or at least they don’t inform me, and I still can’t log in!

Hi Mae, first and foremost welcome to the Curve Community.

Unfortunately since the vast majority of us on here are users of the Curve service and not staff, there is unfortunately nothing I can do to get your account working. The only way unfortunately is to wait for the customer support team to get back to you. I’m going to tag the community manager in this post, just in case she can help you in any way. @Curve_Marie

I hope this issue is sorted out for you soon.

All the best,


Hey Mae, this sounds like you’ve attempted to sign-in with a different email to the one you used to sign-up with Curve. I’ve checked and can see our support team have reached out to multiple of your email addresses. Can you please follow up there?

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