Unable to use card

Hi. I signed up with curve, added my underlying cards, received my physical card, made purchases with the card, switched underlying payment cards, used Apple Pay. Fantastic! No problem!

I referred my partner and he has had nothing but trouble. He added his underlying card and opted to just have a digital card therefore he didn’t order a physical card. All looked well, card was added to his iPhone wallet without issue. But when he tried to use Apple Pay in the shop, it won’t work ‘transaction declined’. He added a second different underlying card, again ‘transaction declined’. He has even now tried to use it to buy online instead of in a shop - ‘transaction declined’!! So far he hasn’t been able to purchase a single thing using curve. It’s like his curve account has never been activated. Every time though the contactless payments appear on his account and then disappears a day later.

Every time we contact for help we get a different response

  1. The transaction timed out - they keep saying this! But every transaction?? If so why isn’t mine timing out ever?

  2. Add a underlying EEA card - again, what is this excuse? If they looked at the account they would see there’s two there already loaded, issued from the same two bank institutions that I’ve added without problem.

  3. Send passport picture and selfie - this is the latest reply - ok, we have done that now. But why isn’t there something to tell him that is what is needed, instead of all of these transactions we’ve been doing and spending this time asking for help. Even in the email in which they are saying provide I.D they are still on the next line saying all the other transactions are from time out error. Is it one or the other?

It just doesn’t make sense and impossible to get any sense from the help via email/twitter. I’m so frustrated that I’ve had no problems whatsoever but my partner who I introduced to curve has followed exact same things I did and having nothing but problems.

The support so far is leaving much to be desired. Does anyone have any clue why his card is just completely not working and never has? Waiting to see if this I.D being sent in resolves it.

Hi Mikey, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I’m sorry to hear that your partner has been having trouble using Curve. Unfortunately due to the fact that the vast majority of us on here are users such as yourself, we can’t see the reason why this is happening.

The best people to see and understand why are the Curve Support Team. I believe from your above post that your partner is in communication with them.

I hope that your partners problems are all sorted out soon and that he’ll be a happy Curve user going forward.

All the best,


Hi Leon, thanks for your reply. After emailing in the I.D. & ‘live selfie’ we received a response saying that the account has now been ‘activated’. This evening we have managed to purchase online using the details so it appears things are now working. I’ve got to say though if this was my only experience with Curve, there’s no way I’d be hanging around. Thankfully mine has worked fine from the start so I knew it wasn’t normal. There was nothing in his app to suggest the card wasn’t ready to use or any comm/message to request the I.D. When reaching out for help we’ve had numerous replies giving a number of reasons for the transactions declining, until eventually on the 4th contact someone asked for his I.D.

Incredibly frustrating - there needs to be something to alert people to the need to send in their I.D - it’s frustrating to be in a shop getting ‘transaction declined’ for no apparent reason. Is there any staff on here able to take this up?

Hi Mikey, first and foremost I’m pleased everything is working now. :hugs:

As for staff input, I can add the community manager to this post and hopefully she will have a PM with you about it. @Curve_Marie



P. S. You are right some kind of banner alert at the top of the app would of fixed that and issues like it, pretty quickly and easily.