Unable to use Curve at the majority of UK ATMs

Over the last couple of years, I find that the number of UK ATMs where I can actually withdraw cash using my curve metal card is becoming increasingly limited.
Not sure on the reason for this, doesn’t matter which underlying card is selected either?

List is but not limited to:

ASDA atm (barclays operated?)
Post office

find it strange that this issue isn’t resolved, but only getting worse. My card was replaced a few months back and the issue persists

Does the ATM screen show any error message?

The Asda machines just say something along the lines of ‘This card is not valid’ and the post office ones just spit it out after the PIN entry stage after saying ‘The transaction has been cancelled’.
Just looking through my notes now, I am also unable to use the card at Virgin operated ATMs, and Halifax bank.
HSBC and Sainsbury’s do work so I know that the card is still functional / valid for ATM usage in general.

When I raised this with Curve’s support chat in April they were only asking (in a generic bullet point style not specific to my issue) about dates & times of declines and locations. The thing is, the process is never able to get to the decline stage since it is either spat back out or cancelled before I can get to any stage where there’s a record of a transaction.

There was no follow up hence trying here on the forum to see if anyone with technical skill can establish what the fault is.

Have you tried even though it might be the nuclear option to replace your Curve card as it might be the card at fault?

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Have to say, I’ve not had any problems at all with mine. Using mine each month to withdraw cash at the post office ATM and others.

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Hi thanks all for the input on this

My card was actually replaced by curve earlier this year.

The old card also had the same issues, regardless of which card chosen the metal card does not work in the machines listed above earlier

Does everyone thats reporting no issues with post office ATM for example - are you using black/standard plastic or metal?

Im not having any joy with customer service on this (same generic replies) so any help appreciated thanks.

Not in a consistent pattern but I have been using the post office atm near me, Id say about 5-10 times I’ve used and never had any issues on the standard plastic card, that is the old curve blue. I believe I used the curve card 1/2 at Barclay’s atm and NatWest also years ago no issues. However, now I’m on curve x as you can imagine due to the forced upgrade, I will let you know if anything changes.

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