Unable to use Curve with Monese, Starling & Amex

I have the Metal plan, which I took out to make use of the features to pay off my AmEx, top-up Monese and Starling. Maybe not all of those need Fronted but the Amex does.

While everything has been fine since basically ever recently no matter what I do I can’t get any of these merchants to accept my Curve since 8th September.

I am asked to confirm the payment in the app, then after a few seconds the merchant shows the payment as declined or an error. In the Curve app there is no trace of the transaction on my timeline. I do have the issue that some report that confirm does nothing for a good few taps but that has been the case for a few months now I believe.

The issue occurs whether it is using my linked credit and debit cards, the debit of which support the above merchants natively. Hence I do not believe that it is due to some kind of MCC block.

Still I’d like to know, has the MCC changed in the last few weeks that could cause this?

To complicate things, I’ve seen with my own eyes a friend who has Metal pay off his AmEx without issue and an underlying Barclays credit card selected.

I just have no joy and I cannot fathom why.

My card works absolutely fine, I have always used Curve for organic spend and those continue to work using the physical card, Apple Pay and online.

Could it be something like the particular BIN which shows as Premium Business is now blocked and I need to ask for a personal card, mine is commercial.

I’ve been on with Curve support for several now and I am not getting anywhere. Hence my appeal to the community to give me some ideas on how to troubleshoot.

Amex card is fine. I’ve had no problems. With Starling if you use it via there payment link. The maximum you can do a day is 250£

I would like to know that too. Have you tried to contact Monese support and ask them what is decline reason?

Sorry but is Amex now supported then?

Think you’ll find it was paying Amex bill with underlying credit card.

My Visa Debit’s are not underlying credit cards.

Amex has always worked fine with credit anyway.

Yes I know about the limits. It just declines on any amount.

Same here - wouldn’t allow me to pay Amex today or AA credit card?

Glitch or permanent?

Now I’m getting total declines on everything.

I really think Curve has gone down the toilet in recent months.

Support is absolutely USELESS. No weekend support and phone support are basically receptionists who write emails.


Why do you say that? What do you know about Curve?

Yeah. Support is absolutely nonexistent. Curve spends its money on redesigning its branding instead…

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I paid my Amex Gold using my Curve Metal (Barclaycard Rewards as the underlying card) yesterday, it didn’t work online but it did work via the app. I don’t know if Barclaycard thinks it’s a cash advance as they don’t charge fees on them.

I am yet to try it with my Aqua Rewards as the underlying card. - Has anyone used it before?

I stopped using my curve card about a month ago. I just got fed up with having some transactions declined, or other odd behaviors such as random duplicate transactions that I would then have to monitor to make sure they got refunded. I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

Glad to hear that I’m not alone. I was told by CS this morning that the Payments Team is currently looking into this.

Hi all,

Curve’s Payments Team followed up with me that their Engineering team have since fixed the decline issues.

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