Unable to use my new black card

Hi I made an upgrade and received my black card. I activated it and since that day the 19th of June all transactions are being denied. I sent over a 100 emails and ask curve on twitter but I am getting no help. I thought making an upgrade I should get better assistance. Please HELP

Are you paying directly with the card or through Apple Pay/Samsung Pay, Google Pay? Are you using the card to pay with contactless? If contactless with the physical card you will have to first do a chip and pin transaction.
Then for mobile wallet payments you may have to remove the card and add it again using the details on the card.

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Great thanks you for your help


I did a chip and pin transaction but it was declined, Since I received a black card with my upgrade did the PIN change?

You can check your card pin in the Curve app, tap the “Account” tab in the navigation bar at the bottom, tap “Card Details” and select “See card PIN”.

the pin number is good