Unable to verify card

I just discovered Curve and downloaded the iOS app to investigate. But I don’t seem to be able to go further. I created the account (after many magic links that never worked) and then ordered a card, and entered an existing card details. I was then told I’d be charged a small amount and to enter the code from my statement into the resulting screen.

All well and good. Until I opened the app today and that code-entry screen was replaced by one asking for the cvv to verify the card. This seems to mean having another charge on the card.

I can only assume that when I get the code from that transaction I will then be faced with the verification request again. At that stage I’m looking at constantly charging my card with no way to actually verify it.

Is this a bug or am I missing something about the on-boarding?

How long did you leave between setting up the card and attempting to enter the code/amount?

I believe it needs to be done within hours, not days, otherwise you do need to start again. In most cases the charge shows as pending instantly in the underlying card’s banking app/online banking, so it need only take a couple of minutes.

A day. But the Curve app stated that it could take a few days, so it would seem to expect this.

Now it looks like I can’t change the card so I cannot move to a card that would give me an instant code. Looks like I’m stuck with a Curve card ordered and no way to ever activate it.

Silly question, but I take it you didn’t try to add an Amex card? There’s a known issue if that’s the first card added.

Nope, don’t use Amex. Standard MC credit card

Ah OK, was just in case. Hopefully @Curve_Marie or @curve_tobias will be along soon to help!

Thanks for the suggestion anyway :grinning:

You will not receive a magic link if you have opted out of emails from Curve. We will separate marketing communication from magic links.

Any amount charged to your card in the verification process will be refunded to your account.

This issue might be connected to your account. Someone from the Support Team will reach out to you if you have an open ticket.

I did receive magic links but they did not work. It kept telling me the link was invalid. Eventually it did work but it took a few tries.

I just heard from support and it seems you needed to verify my ID, but the app never asked or gave me anyway to do so.

Hopefully this will sort it out as Curve does look interesting.