Unable to Verify Email

On the latest Android version of the app, even after changing email addresses, I am unable to verify my email address. Anyone else having the same issue?

Do you mean you never receive the verification e-mail when changing your address? I have that issue with Apple version as well. I also don’t receive e-mailed receipts like I’m supposed to.

Now that I think about it, same. Haven’t received an email receipt on request either.

Please remove the curve App completely from your device and reinstall after that it should work.

I completely removed it, powered off and restarted my phone for good measure, reinstalled and… same issues.

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I got through to customer support just now, they confirmed this is a known issue. No ETA on a fix.

This has been a known bug since launch in March. I wouldn’t bank on it being fixed any time soon. But we have crypto rewards! :upside_down_face:

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Hi guys, I too can’t verify email at the moment and have zero help from support as it requires a verified email and chat is not working in regards that no one is answering for 2 weeks

What can be done?

Need I say I’m paying for Metal :woman_facepalming: