Unauthorised payments

I am needing some assistance following a batch of unauthorised payments through my card. I placed two orders to the same company (one by internet and one by phone). The total value was for £381 but the total amount taken out is £1137 (one transaction alone was £497. My CC statement shows all random incomings and outgoings all labelled with CRV* at the start. I have had a collection of emails from CURVE with ‘updated statement’ information but when looking on the App at my transactions there is no reflection of any such activity. The company I made the orders with state they only have the two payments for the £381 and nothing else. I need to know how I can find out from CURVE why there is a discrepancy between the email notifications and the listed transactions on my app. I also need to know what support you can offer as the company seem limited and trying to gain assistance from my bank is challenging and tedious in the never ending queues. I did raise a query through the app a few days ago but had nothing back to confirm it has been received or turnaround timescales.

Hi @mallyman, welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear about your issues. Getting in touch with support via the app is the correct way, and usually the team doesn’t take that long to respond, so I’d suggest sending them a message on Twitter too (@AskCurve) referring them to your existing ticket (perhaps provide them with your email address so they can find it quickly).

Let us know how that goes :slight_smile:

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i suggest you to lock this card ASAP in the app!

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Done and also suspended on the bank via their app too :+1:

perfect. of course you need to contact support about your unauthorised transactions, with a locked card you won’t have more at least…

That’s not true you can contact Curve support with a locked card.

i talked about “unauthorised transactions”. so again: with a locked card you won’t have more [unauthorised transactions]". sorry, i think it was completely clear!