Underlying card and ATM

I couldn’t find this anywhere so opening this new topic…

I am going to use Curve with Halifax Clarity when on holiday.

Halifax Clarity charge interest on ATM withdrawals per day after withdrawal. If I withdraw with Curve on top of the Halifax card, will it still work like this?


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Of course you using Curve changes nothing in that respect unfortunately as it a card issuer wants to change for cash withdrawals using Curve won’t stop that.

I woud advise you to reach out to your card provider to make absolutely sure one way or the other.

Thanks for your question.

So if someone uses the free card of Curve with maximum 200 euros per month ATM withdrawal, but the underlying card has a maximum of 1000 euro ATM withdrawal. Which free value will be used? The curve card of 200 or the underlying card of 1000 ?

Curve does not change limits of the underlying card. If Curve passes on the transaction as an ATM withdrawal then you will have limits on both cards affected

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So Curve will start charging 2% above the free 200 euros ATM amount, also when the underlying card allows for 1000 euro free ATM withdrawal, correct?

That’s correct.

Curve is essentially giving you the facility to withdraw using an underlying credit card - which happens to be 200 EUR/month for the Blue card. Once that’s used up that facility costs 2%

That is indeed what i thought. So in this case it is better to use the underlying card directly instead of usind the Curve card.

That really depends on your goals - in this case Halifax is actually charging you interest for ATM withdrawals, so I wouldn’t actually use the underlying card either for this purpose.

Ah sure, in case of the Halifax card. The card i was referring to was just a general other card without costs until 1000 euros per month as an example.
Thanks for clarifying.

Ah understood - in this case it depends, if your underlying card doesn’t know its an ATM withdrawal and say you get points for spend, then you may be able to justify the 2% Curve Fee over 200 EUR - you’d need to run some numbers. How much are those points worth? What can they be used for? etc.

It is not a points card, just free withdrawal up to 1000 euro per month. I also posted another question regarding the Axa insurance in another post. Maybe you know your way around that also?

Understood. I haven’t use the Axa insurance much unfortunately, I tried recently and they just kept me waiting on the phone for over an hour.