Underlying Card ATM limits


I have a Transferwise card which limits free ATM withdrawals to £200 every 30 days after which they charge a fee of 2%.
Do ATM withdrawals using my Curve card count towards this limit or are they normal transactions?


Curve uses MCC passthrough, meaning if you use an ATM charge categorizes the withdrawal as withdrawal MCC, then Curve will pass this info to transferwise, meaning the 200GBP would apply.

That might be in theory but in practise I’ve never seen that happening. No credit card that I have classifies atm withdrawals with Curve as withdrawals, meaning credit cards that normally charge for cash advance won’t do so using Curve.

With Revolut, Curve withdrawals are treated as a normal purchase and don’t count towards Revolut’s ATM limit.

I suspect Transferwise will do likewise. My suggestion would be to try with a small amount and see how transferwise handles it

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Thanks, I’d never thought about checking the underlying card limit.
I’ll give it a go.

Can confirm that Halifax Clarity also did not recognise a Curve ATM withdrawal as ATM transaction. Obviously that doesn’t mean its the same for other cards.

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