Underlying card is Visa, will Curve be accepted in stores that only accept MasterCard?

I have added Visa debit cards to the Curve Mastercard as my primary card. Will the curve card be accepted in stores that only accept Mastercard despite the fact that I have a Visa card as my primary in the Curve app?

Yes, it will, since the POS terminal in the store does not ‘see’ the underlying card that is selected in your Curve wallet, it only ‘sees’ your Curve MasterCard.

This used to be the USP of Curve when it was still possible to add Amex cards to your Curve wallet. You could pay with your Curve MasterCard with an underlying Amex card selected, in stores that did not accept Amex.


Thankyou for the assist…really appreciate it

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Hi, i wanted to know why on only one device/POS my Curve was declined with BRD Visa Romanian bank underlying card ? I had to try multiple cards, I was able to Pay using a Maestro card from BRD bank in Romania (Apple Pay) with Apple Watch. Just to be clear, is not Curve fault, beta testing, watch because that POS never worked “perfectly”, I’m just want to know who’s fails is and what’ this error means (ERR-CALL HELP-DC. 76] On my Apple Watch I heard that ding pay confirmation sound with v sign, on that POS it gave that error message.



I can only guess what the decline reason is.

Do you see the declined transaction(s) in the Curve app.
If yes, contact Curve support (from the app or through email, support@curve.com) and ask what the decline reason is.

If no, my guess would be that the POS is not accepting MasterCard, but is (only) accepting Maestro. In the Netherlands this would be a ‘logical’ reason, but I don’t have any knowledge of the card acceptance situation in Romania.
If you want to be sure, I guess you should contact CEC Bank and ask what the error message means.

Thank you for reply. No, I don’t see that declined transaction in the app, I think you are right, CEC POS doesn’t accept MasterCard, it only accept Maestro, I’m not sure about Visa yet, I will try. Yes, I have contacted CEC bank on messenger, I’m waiting their reply (30 days)

Have a great day!

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