Underlying card with dynamic CVV2/CVC2

Hello everybody ! What about underlying cards with dynamic CVC code? One debit card of mine does have a security feature on the CVC code, it can change every hour automatically, or by myself when i need. But if that underlying card is registered inside Curve with the first CVC code, …what happens when the code changes ? Does anybody encountered that kind of issue ? Thanx a lot ! Patrick

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When the CVC changes , your underlying card will stop working. You will be unable to update the CVC code , or delete and add the card again , so effectively you will be unable to use the underlying card again forever.

That’s my understanding too - the CVV is only required at the time of initial registration.

Yes I agree with U all, but if my CVC changes that means for Curve rules that my underlying card is no more the same as registered… and if i have to delete and register the card again with a new CVC, all other numbers and exp.date will be the same, only the CVC will be different ( but for a short time…) , will Curve system understand that ?

Recurring payments only need the CVC the first time.

You should not have any problem with that.

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Fear not - This won’t be a problem as long as you successfully enter your CVV when you initially add the card to Curve.

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Thanks @schgleeg. I didn’t know CVV was only 1 time procedure which is why I thought the underlying card would stop working. In this case nothing should happen even after the CVV changes, and the underlying card should carry on working regardless of CVV change. :+1:t3:

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CVV…or CVC…? i apologize for the mistake…:slight_smile:

CVV (Card Verification Value) and CVC (Card Verification Code) are two different names for the same thing, you did not make any mistake.


I remember now that somebody told me that CVV is used for Visa and CVC for MC… ? Not the system, only the word…

Actually, according to the law, the CVV (or CVC) can’t be stored by merchants (including Curve or Amazon). So when you select “store my card for the next purchase”, this next purchase will be processed without the CVV. So, I guess Curve needs your CVV only when you register a new card. So normaly it should work even if you have a dynamic cvv.


Both are used but it’s definitely not CVC code (it’s a bit like saying ‘PIN number’ where the last part of the acronym is being repeated :wink: )

The Wirecard site says CVC2 for the number on the back of the card for Mastercard, CVV2 for Visa. CVC1/CVV1 are built in to the magnetic strip.

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Ok. i agree…it’s just like “ATM machine”…:slight_smile: i understand. Pat

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