Unexpected, unintended great feature in the US

I noticed restaurant charges to my credit card post immediately with the charges at the time restaurant swipes the card, then the tip I add gets charged separately.

A credit card would typically show transaction as pending then change it to posted with the total value (charge + tip).

This is actually a feature I’d argue, everyone would love to have more info like that.

It would be great if the Curve app showed the breakdown, maybe under the transaction detail page

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Hello @ahekend,

the issuing bank doesnt see anything you buy from a merchant so Curve cant really breakdown anything.

Banks can only identify the purchased product or service with the MCC which the merchant selected.

Curve seem to already knows the difference between my purchase and the tip. It charges my credit card twice, once for the charge and then again for the tip. It even adds “Tip” to the second transaction description.

Looks like it could surface it in the app

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I think this is more likely to be the merchant’s POS doing this, by making two transactions. Possibly (I’m speculating) to help them track and distribute tips separate from the diners checks.

There is a way for merchants to send more detailed purchase breakdowns but it’s mainly done for the benefit of “corporate” cards by airlines, hotels, and things like that (so called Enhanced Data).

It’s no one else seeing this?

Pretty much that’s not some specific feature merchant is using. It doesn’t happen if I pay with my bank’s credit card directly, and it seems to happen for all restaurants (places that tip?).

Curve charging in two different transactions just make me catch a merchant giving themselves a tip raise (I always tip 20%, and I saw a 40% charge).

Would be valuable, literally, to have that a first class citizen feature

Here’s how it looks like: