Unexplained email about transactions at NS&I

Ah I just saw this. I received the same and am baffled by this.

Very bizarre I got an email then saying this. I never did any cash recycling nor understand why I am getting this email months later…

Hi all,

Very confused to have an email about possible suspected breach (Cash recycling) just for buying NS&I premium bonds (When it was allowed via curve). I thought it was allowed to buy bonds provided you pay off your underlying card and the money is being used for a purpose. E.g. I was intending to save it up to max the bonds out.

I find I am questioning if I get emails like this, why would you use a credit card underlying for anything, Curve fronted appears to do nothing for me anymore if I get dodgy emails like this.

To add, the last time I even did this was in July (Months ago) and never done since, nor will in the future. However, all very baffling…


Hey everyone, thanks for the healthy discussion on this here and I’m sorry for any confusion caused by this email- I’m here to clear that confusion up!

First off, I can confirm that our team made a mistake when bulk selecting which customers this email should be sent to which means that the email’s contents won’t apply to all Curve users who received the email. Speaking on behalf of Curve, we’re very sorry for this error and are working to contact the recipients of this email to clarify this mistake as fast as possible.

In the meantime, if you’re unsure whether the email’s contents applied to you and your spending or not, please get in touch with our support team just in case by raising a ticket in the Curve app- the support team can then check there if they need to discuss this further with you or simply owe you a big apology!


@Social_Joel This is a relief, but I’ve now wasted over 2 hours finding credit card statements and pulling together emails defending myself against something Curve allowed…

Nor is NS&I or transactions within Cash Recycling terms. It isn’t an ATM withdrawal…

If those of us got this message back from support following the original email are we still in the Supposed naughty list? As I did, and still have no clue…


It would have been more helpful if Curve clarified if NS&I transactions are completely banned by Curve.

Could @Curve_Joel please confirm?


Agreed, if CURVE have an issue just BLOCK the transactions occurring in future. Not threaten everyone and confuse their own terms and fronting policy…


It appears Curve has expanded on their Cash Recycling policy? I don’t recall all of this there earlier today…


this text is unchanged since ages!

I saw this, but it’s confusing because the message if you click onto the read full terms only says the following

  • for “cash recycling”, which means using your Curve card to make an ATM withdrawal and using the cash to repay the payment card used for the withdrawal in order to receive rewards on the payment card or your Curve card

Which is a very different full message

So I received the email saying they thought I had been cash recycling via NS&I. I had deposited to NS&I, but not withdrawn, and wanted to enquire about that.
I sent an email to curve with a copy of my NS&I transaction record showing a dozen premium bond purchases and no withdrawals and asked for confirmation that was in order.
The response: a demand for copies of all my bank statements, credit card statements and NS&I statements, within 10 days or my curve account will be closed.
The email I received first was not a closure threat, but a “don;t do it again”. My response was that I had not done it before, but do intend a further top up of my NS&I account later this year. And the response from that the threat to close my (metal) account.
Shameful behaviour, and a clear breach of FCA regs. (TCF in particular.)


I have exactly the same view.

I believe both messages were pre-written and we will have a less aggressive reply back.

I have asked curve to resolve this matter today, as I have not been cash recycling and I believe curve should block transactions of this nature if people were, done deal.

The original email doesn’t say anything about closure but if it continues, then it goes on to say closure in 2nd reply!

Anyone know how to submit support ticket in the app? I am still waiting on a reply from @Curve_Joel from yesterday Still nothing, curve needs to get a bigger team here on the community forum… Its well below pay from my experience. Still trying to find out what’s going on with my account if its still open or not.

I have a ticket raised on all platforms, even Twitter haha! @ukinvestor

Twitter have told me they should be emailing soon, I’ve asked for a response by COB today!

My app works fine, I think there is a lot of confusion on their side.

@Curve_Joel please provide confirmation by COB today, it’s unfair for anyone to go stressed over the weekend for some miscommunication on Curves side…


Subject: Oops, we messed up
You received an email from us on Wednesday regarding your account. This message was sent in error.
Please ignore it and accept our apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.
Team Curve

What does that mean? Can we make payments to NS&I or not? Presumably we can if it was sent in error?

Got my clearance. lol Email received @15.48

Thanks curve for sorting this out! Could have moved me up the curve flex by 8607 places. lol

You received an email from us on Wednesday regarding your account. This message was sent in error.

Please ignore it and accept our apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

Team Curve

I wonder how quickly this will be sent out! I haven’t seen anything yet…

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Not had this email but really not cool on Curve’s part.

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I reiterate my previous view.

They are ignoring this forum on purpose.

It will probably be closed in the same way Starling’s was.

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Probably only sending emails to those who have not used cards on NS&I at all, or very little.

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No emails for me! Curve has disappointed as expected :-1:t2:

Maybe its because i sent message to let me know, via support team on this community site. Have you guys done the same.