Unexplained email about transactions at NS&I

Wow, that’s how you do it, I am somewhat biased an an investor. But I do agree with a lot of what you state. however, love the idea of curve flex and fronted, but never tried them personally and can’t wait to use flex, It’s just handy features. I don’t use credit cards for cash withdrawals, never have, nor ever will. But would be interested to hear if when using fronted, does the credit card company consider the transaction as cash i.e higher interest, if so this is not good. I would like curve to offer more cashback to standard blue card holders like myself as don’t make many transactions but mainly large ones instead of small.

This would be a good idea, can this be arranged @curve, hopefully noone is going to get sued for spending money. Its no different to say getting a loan and consolidating i suppose paying off debts and some spending. This is how i see it.
I use Samsung phones (Not sure if this is classed as a cheap phone to you…)Sorry but really hate the UI of iPhones, My kids love them, soon as they ask me to do something i throw the phone back at them telling them to get a real phone.
I have had no issues with curve apart from the occasional rejected payments. Which is kind of silly as this is what curve was supposed to be all about, it’s improving though with their anti embarrassing mode, I have had to resort to using my debit card in the past. Regarding travel, i unfortunately don’t travel a lot, so don’t have to worry about exchange fees, i do however feel that the metal card is not worth it right now and is really just a gimmick. I never use Creation, never heard of them until this thread mentioned their presence.


Absolutely spot on with everything you’ve said! They want customers to prove they are legitimate but are happy to bend the rules to allow you to pay credit with credit!

As you say, there’s no real benefit to curve anymore, it’s just as easy to carry a debit and credit card which lets face it, we’ve all done that for years!

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Is it safe to use Curve with NS&I now as per the Fronted screen? Has anyone else got recent emails about NS&I usage? It seems it is all good now that Curve will charge 1.5% after 10k of Fronted usage.

Hey Malik, making payments to NS&I using Curve fronted is still allowed and, as with all purchases made through Curve, will be monitored on a case-by-case basis. Your investments to NS&I will only be questioned if there is considered to be suspicious behaviour on your account around this payment. At this point, our support team may reach out to request proof that the transaction was made by you or to verify your identity.

I hope this clears things up for you and let me know if you have any further questions so I can flag them to the relevant team!

But just be aware, its without any doubt you’re circumventing NS&I’s rules by using a credit card linked to a debit card, otherwise NS&I would accept credit cards natively

On the other hand, Curve exists to circumvent card terms, go figure

You should be careful if you dearly value the underlying card

No, that’s a non-sequitur. Just because a merchant doesn’t accept credit cards, it doesn’t mean that the merchant has rules against funding a debit card transaction with a credit card. The most common reason that a merchant doesn’t accept credit cards directly is about transaction cost, which is the most likely reason in this case. If you were talking about the National Lottery, then you might have a point, but not with regard to NS&I.

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Is that why NS&I don’t like Commercial cards and all this started? :clown_face:

By the way, why would a Commercial Curve card be used to pay into NS&I? Does NS&I offer business accounts now?

Curve consider it their legal duty that you comply with the terms of the underlying card, can you point out a card issuer that is happy for you to pay off your credit card with another credit card? They’re all blocked.

And to the person asking about NS&I, be aware that the verification Curve may require will be your bank account statements, from your first transaction to the merchant, every month, til now, the credit card statements and the NS&I statements.

Fronted (and to some extent Curve) exists to circumvent the rules. That’s just a fact.

Can you name any credit card issuers that specifically prohibit this? Even Creation implies that it doesn’t object, because while on hold to speak to Creation’s call centre, there’s a message warning that another credit card issuer might charge fees if you pay off your Creation card using another credit card.

No, it’s not a fact at all. You’re making this up. Please give a link to such a “rule” or a contractual term/condition.