Unknown transactions from VIT*, due to leaked info from VitraCash


I realised that I’ve got 3 fraud transactions happened to 3 of my cards, luckily all blocked:

  1. Curve card
  2. credit card linked to Curve
  3. Chase (debit) card linked to Curve

Thanks to help from @poeliev whom correctly pointed me to Vitracash that is at fault!

Not “it might not” more “it isn’t”

There is an issue at VitraCash. Please check the topic in their community :point_down:t2:.

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Thanks for the link, interesting it is very similar to my case, so it might have been them!
If it were them, then they must have saved old card details as I only have 1 active card.
I haven’t linked my Curve with VitraCash but I might have used it in application :frowning:

Not similar, the same! :wink:

The VIT in the transaction details tells me it is them.

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Vitracash wrote that:

Yes you’re correct, thanks @poeliev

The pictures from is exactly the same: VIT*

Sorry Curve! I’ll modify the original post

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