Unlimited fair FX without physical Metal card with old blue card?

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This is my first post in this community, so please feel free to give feedback if it is wrong categorized or so.

Now my issue: I am proud part of the investors of the recent crowdfunding round. I put my blue card as a payment card. Then just 3 hours ago, I decided to switch to Metal. Using the virtual credentials on Crowdcube will not work, so I have to wait for the physical version in order to finally activate it (this is what the support recommended).

As my underlying card is in Euro currency, I would really profit of the fair FX of Metal. Does this already apply to any further spending, even with the blue card? I mean the subscription itself should have already started as stated by Curve in the terms. Does anyone know more, has anyone used his blue card in FX while waiting for their new Metal card?

Thanks in advance guys!

In my opinion, with Curve it doesn’t matter on your card colour/material, only on your subscription tier. So if you’ve already upgraded to metal, you can start enjoying your metal benefits immediately. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Ok this was my thought, as the subscription starts before card activation. I hope this is true, I will post the “results” here for others who might face similar situations in the future.
Thank you for your reply

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