Unlock international card payments ๐Ÿ”‘๐ŸŒŽ


We want all our customers to enjoy financial freedom, wherever they are in the world. So weโ€™re changing our Terms of Service to let everyone spend with international cards on Curve โ€“ thatโ€™s Visa, Mastercard, and Diners and Discover cards from outside the UK/EEA. You can enjoy this new functionality now by adding an international funding card in the app and opting in.

Customers on Curve X, Curve Black or Curve Metal plans can enjoy a fee-free monthly limit before fees are applied.


Read our updated Terms of Service to make sure you are clear on the changes. If you havenโ€™t already opted in, all changes come into effect on Saturday 14th January 2023. If you have any concerns regarding this change please contact customer service.


What about the legacy black?

Still Unable to add cards from outside EEA!!! Despite your advertisement im running version 3.42.1 app on Android. Which is the latest available on Play store.

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Hi Binken, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

By all rights it shouldnโ€™t apply to the Curve Legacy Black as thatโ€™s frozen in time so any new features unfortunately shouldnโ€™t apply.

Then again knowing Curve anything can happen. :grin:

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One year ago, we were told, that it is possible, to add a card outside the EU.

So it is no new feature.

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Thatโ€™s great but Curve Legacy Black was officially stuck in time way before then.

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Where did you get the information that it was not previously valid for Curve Black Legacy?

So far I have not seen any indication that it would not be possible to add non-EU cards to Curve Black Legacy.

Since there is no information from curve on this so far, I believe that they themselves do not know what applies to Black Legacy.

For me it doesnโ€™t matter, i donโ€™t really need this feature.

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I am downgrading curve i think to curve x. The weekend fees is so bad. That i pay 14.99 per month it sucks.

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There are now so many fees to keep track of, making the product less and less attractiveโ€ฆ

There needs to be a way to track the โ€œfair useโ€ quota that has already been used. Itโ€™s not clear at all currently and does not show up on the โ€œcard limitsโ€ page.

Secondly, the Smart Rules feature is amazing but it should be updated to enable a change in underlying card whenever fees are charged (i.e. international fees, weekend fees)?

Good point I do forget weekends so my international card should auto switch to my local card in Poland

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Iโ€™m still not able to add a Swiss Mastercard to Curve, it says โ€œcountry not supportedโ€