Unreal advice or new policy?

So my card was rejected twice on online sales in Alaska and Canada. This has never happened before to me as a long term user and now an investor.

I contacted support to be told that they are having intermittent problems with foreign transactions, and I should always have an alternative card available.

Sorry, but the 2 benefits to me are only one card needed, and no foreign transaction fee.

Also should we not be alerted that we might be embarrassed by unwarranted declines before they happen to us if you know already that you are experiencing difficulties?

Time to review my position, if this is your new advice to users, and your new level of customer service?

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I literally posted about this this morning I totally agree I shouldn’t have to carry extra cards when it’s advertised as 1 card to replace all others.

There is incident report on https://status.imaginecurve.com/ about this.

This thread touches on the downtime issue. Downtime is nothing new. The advent of mobile banking has simply made it more visible.

Yep that’s the one :point_up: