Unrequested phone calls

Hello guys,
Since I joined curve I started receiving phone calls (mainly from UK) asking me if I’m interested if online trading. They claim they are from investing.com but refuse to tell me how they received my phone number.

They push a lot to make me say that I’m interested, until I hangup.

Is that something that happened only to me (and thus is a coincidence) or it is happening to you as well?


Hello @Jekyll, welcome to the community! :sun_with_face:
Curve does not sell data to third party vendors, however, it does share it with some so that it can provide its services. I link to you a post where something similar to yours happened.

Feel free to read our Privacy Policy.


Hi Jekyll, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Yeah that is a bit odd, I get spam calls occasionally as well but not from the company you’ve described above.

(Mine is the personal injury callers. We can get you some money from us making a accident claim on your behalf. Urgh.) This was happening way before I joined Curve.

You could try adding the above company’s number to your phones block list or there are anti spam call apps that will take care of spam calls or at the very least alert you to what it thinks is a spam call.

I’m sorry that this is happening to you.

Take care,