Upcoming changes to non-UK/EEA Visa cards

Upcoming changes to non-UK/EEA Visa cards

We want to give you a heads up that as of April 1st 2023 you’ll no longer be able to add Visa cards from outside the UK and EEA to your Curve account. This change will apply to all of our customers’ accounts and is needed for us to remain compliant with new Visa rules.

Don’t worry though, if you already have a non-UK/EEA Visa card added to your Curve account, you’ll still be able to use it as normal after April 1st.

Plus, when you need to replace any of your already added non-UK/EEA Visa cards in the future, if they expire for example, you’ll be able to do that too. This change will only affect any future non-UK/EEA Visa cards that you attempt to add to your account from April 1 st 2023.

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How will this work, given that replacement cards usually have a different card number?

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Simply if is Visa, you can’t add your card :smiley: no replacement from Curve.

Not your fault as I assume someone from Curve provided you with the text rather then posting themselves but surely that makes this misleading

Could @Curve_Joel or his colleagues address this?

Just copy/paste email :smiley:


I trust that It’s a Visa new regulation but…
First you introduce limit of card number with free account, then international cards limits and fee, now this with Visa… tomorrow maybe Curve can add new fees or not accepting other my cards, or set new limits… I’m asking to myself how I can trust Curve if every day changes unilaterally rules limiting my account and never never adding features and new reward or cashback.
I’m thinking to upgrade my plan to Metal to have advantage that tomorrow Curve decide to remove, similar to what happened to rewards.
I think Curve need to do more for their customers if he want to grow up.

Hey @fmorri83,

Your are in EEA, this change does not affect the use of your card or account.

I have got some Mastercards from non EEA, this is why I’m worried.
Thank you for you interesting Mattia.

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Curve has a partnership with Mastercard. Don’t worry, your cards will continue to work.

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