Update app or it will stop working notification

Just got a notification saying that I’m on “the” old version of the app and that I need to update before Wednesday or it will stop working. Play store finds no updates for the Curve app…

Not sure how I’m supposed to update and I think it would be a shame if Curve started chasing down people to update the app as soon as a new version comes out. I cancelled an account I had due to that exact behaviour. I was sometimes in the middle of doing something in app and the app logged itself out because an update had just come out seconds before

Also had the same notification, just minutes ago. Also for me no update available in the Playstore.

what version of app do you have?

Received an update in Playstore this morning, so now on 2.13.14 (beta).

Now on 2.13.14 after I had to manually (again) today search for updates and click to install manually. There wasn’t even enough time for the PlayStore to do an auto update!

hmm, I’m on 2.12.15 (android) and I did not yet get any notices about update.
I dont see any new version in playstore.

You are on Stable release most likely. 2.13.14 is Beta release.

Hey Community :wave:

If you received this notification and are already on the updated version of the app then you beat us to it!

However, do get in touch with our support team at support@curve.app if you experience any issues.