Update Curve FAQ

Obviously I’m not going to go through you’re entire FAQ (not unless Curve is compensating me anyways) @Curve_Ivo :wink: but someone needs to do so!

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Hi @Recchan,

We have tested this on both iOS and Android and the screenshot you have sent isn’t correct. If you are using the latest version of the app, you will see this screen:


Can you please double check that you have the latest version of the app downloaded?

There’s two with the same title in “Ordering & Delivery”. One is correct, one is incorrect.

I really think it might be worth having one of your employees combing through each one individually and finding the issues, rather than waiting for a customer to point it out and then suggesting they’re incorrect :slight_smile:

I am on the latest version.

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Thank you for pointing this out, I wish you had told me about the duplication in your first post :wink:

Apologies if you felt that I was calling you out; when I checked it appeared correct. I have asked our team to correctly update this ASAP. :slightly_smiling_face: