Update: Metal Subscriptions & Cancellation

By now, you may have heard the disappointing news about Amex blocking Curve top-ups. We want you to know that we are fighting for your right to financial freedom and doing all we can to get Amex back on Curve. See more here.

At Curve, we value you as our customer. If the current lack of Amex support is important to you and you want to cancel your subscription:

  • You have a 14-day “cooling-off” period as provided by law;
  • On top of this, Curve is giving you more time to decide: 14 extra days of cooling-off period. We want you to properly try Curve Metal, enjoy its many benefits and see how it looks in your wallet.

The above extension applies to both monthly and annual subscriptions. Please note that if your subscription is cancelled, your Curve Metal card will be blocked and no longer usable.

We thank you for being our customer and hope you enjoy your Curve Metal experience and decide to stick with it. We promise you it will be worth it.

You can downgrade in-app, or by sending the support team a message

If we do, do we go back to Black Legacy?


Hi, I echo the question from MrChangle - I updated to metal very much with the AMEX unlimited link in mind. without it i really cant jsutify the top up - I already have the rest of the benefits through my existing AMEX. I want to go back to my curve classic (until the AMEX issue is resolved then I will be right back on board). I have messaged support already, but am waiting on responses 3 existing queries submitted over the last few weeks. Is there anything we can do to expedite this return to what we already had? I enjoy the existing service and am now worried that by trying to be an early adopter I have set myself, like many others, on a very painful next few months. Thanks

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Isn’t this a huge waste of money (producing, sending metal, and producing and resending plastic) and resources? Why not allow people to continue using their Metal for a fee, based on this unforeseen circumstance with Amex?


Disappointing your not offering extending some other benefits to compensate such as cashback at the 6 merchants for the year / until Amex is resolved or free lounge passes. ( the app page wasn’t clear it was only upto 60% off!)

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Probably due to their commercial terms with the card issuer and would make people less inclined to keep a subscription

Will the £50 cancellation fee still apply?

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So, having paid £50 in December for the Black card, upgrading via beta to Metal for £14.99 per month, my only option is to cancel and have my card blocked and no longer usable!
I only upgraded to Metal for the Amex fee free benefit. Surely you should allow me the option to return to the Black card which I paid for only 7 weeks ago!


I can understand that but as a one off gesture of good will for customers who upgraded to metal with the certainty of Amex support, that has since been pulled.

I wanted to be positive, but it seems to me Curve still has a long way to go.

I feel disappointed by this announcement. All this radio silence and that’s the best Curve came up with!

We know our rights and that we have a 14-day “cooling-off” period as provided by law. So you only could come up with 14 extra days of cooling-off.

Well-done! Indeed, you value your customers and early adopters.

Well I definitely don’t need those extra days to decide after this announcement. I am contacting Customer Service for a full refund and to return back to Black legacy, which was my previous status before Curve mis-sold me this new product.

I am not willingly downgrading. I am forced to do so. I have not even received the card yet and Curve has changed the product I paid for! Thus, I am not downgrading as part of the 14 days cooling off period, but because Curve mis-sold me a product.

My faith in Curve has been completely shuttered.


I agree it would be good gesture


if we cancel during the cooling off period, what happens exactly? full refund of what we’ve paid, metal cancelled and my old blue card reactivated I’d be happy with, or keep my £15 and let me keep using the shiny trinket would be ok. don’t think I’ll bother to use my free months anyway, was only really interested in amex, then i would have all my cards in one. Bundled insurance is of no value to me at all. I certainly don’t want to end up paying £50 for this nice but useless item.

Curve, you really need to give some clarity here.

People upgraded to Metal based on the advertised and marketed feature of Amex that informed their decision to upgrade, based on the information available to them at the time.

At that point, it reads from your email that you already knew Amex were not in agreement to continue the relationship but you took a risk based approach of its better to ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission ; and incentivised customers across with a feature you knew the partnering company you advertised were not in agreement with.

Please clarify whether we will he put back into the position we were previously in ; on Curve Legacy Black before making a decision based on misinformation as we were not armed with or had visibility of the fact the Amex already told you they would not continue the partnership.

Please do the right thing for your customers and give a good customer experience here in the midst of the current messy one …


back in the position we were in before with a full refund of what we paid for Metal. Please, Curve. Thanks.

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Thanks for the update.

Could you now address your policy regarding beta Metal subscribers for whom Amex was the primary reason for subscription.


micpin I’d also like to know this, I’ve asked support if they can put my subscription on hold until Amex is back… I’d be happy with that. Amex is my only use case for Curve.


Thank you for providing this update, I’m willing to support you guys through this.

Can you update us on the status of the subscription model in the meantime? I’ve already ordered a Curve Metal on the basis of the Amex functionality it provided, but I’m not sure if I will receive it or if that is all on hold at this point?

I tried to use my Curve Amex balance twice last night and it seems like none of the funds have been withdrawn yet, so I’m concerned that the funds I had already loaded to the wallet have been frozen also.


You can spend the funds in your wallet. I’m awaiting confirmation on what will happen to subscription. You’ll have an update ASAP.