Update on Curve US beta?

I’ve had Curve for almost 6 months now and have been absolutely loving it. It’s made effectively using my 10+ cards such a breeze and I now cannot imagine life without it. I told myself not to get too attached given it’s a beta thing and could potentially go away at any moment, but it immediately added so much value to my daily life that I’m hooked. I do think there are many things that could be improved (all of which I’m sure Curve is aware of already: support for Visa and Amex credit cards, ability to have an authorized user or at least allow for two separate Curve accounts to have the same cards attached to each of them, better cash back redemption options instead of needing to cover an entire purchase), but overall I am really happy with the card.

I am hoping there are enough others like me who are enjoying it so that we can eventually get out of beta and into production, but I’m a bit concerned with what I’ve seen lately - namely many posts here, on Reddit, YouTube, etc. with dissatisfied users saying they aren’t going to continue to use their card after the 1% expires, radio silence from Curve, and (a new development as I’m posting this) no ability to make a new post in both Curve US Feedback nor Curve US General Chat? Hence this post being in Help US. All of these signs together make me think things aren’t going well for Curve US, and I feel helpless due to lack of communication from Curve.

All that to say - Curve, can you please release some sort of statement on the state of US beta and how existing users can help? I don’t think I’m the only one who would be very sad to see this all not work out in the end. Do you need more positive reviews posted somewhere? Do you need more employees to help address some of the issues? Are there target milestones within beta that would drive a go/no go decision that we can help you achieve? Radio silence is helping no one, I’d be very grateful for some communication from Curve on US beta.

I agree with all that. I would also like to know when the 1% reward ends on my card specifically. The other features aren’t as important mainly because Visa credit cards don’t work with Curve. Get Visa and then I can use my Chase card.

You should be able to see when your 1% runs out in the app under Account > Share Curve and Earn Cash.

This is what the app says after Account > Invite Friends and Earn Cash…

Oh, strange. Here’s what that screen looks like for me:

Hello @ccod, welcome in our community! :smiley:

Have you tried to re-install your Curve app?

If you are still having problems, I suggest you email support-us@curve.com or alternatively, contact them on Twitter at AskCurveUS.

I installed Curve on an android system and I can see my 1% has expired. Bummer. Since us little guys that don’t have a social following won’t get any referrals I’m just left with a card that doesn’t give me any rewards. The other features just don’t help me.

My 1% got extended 6 months… others reported the same thing. You may want to check again to confirm.