Update on new refund functionality

At the start of July Curve said they would have the new refund process sorted in 1-2 weeks and other components completed by the end of July.

It is now 1st August and does anyone know of any update I may have missed please?

I’m talking about the functionality to move refunds made into Curve Cash back to the original payment card or any other chosen card.

This functionality should have been built and launch by now, according to Curves update on 1 July.



It is probably delayed. It’s not like they have kept any of the other timeframes officially communicated after the #wirecardgate. So what makes you think they would deliver on this one?


I got a refund yesterday (from a cancelled Amazon purchase) which went directly back to the original card and not to Curve Cash.


Nice Info i have an reufnd of 2410 EUR on Amazon
Back to Card was nice. I am waiting

I queried this with support end of last week as my girlfriend had a refund from Amazon go onto her Curve Cash Card, but she needed to money to go back on to the underlying card to cover something else (non-related). I was told in an email Sunday that this process is still in construction. Not sure on when this will be implemented, but I would imagine, not too far off!

My recent Amazon refund went back to the underlying credit card. Not to Curve Cash. Seems a bit inconsistent.