Updated Limits

I concur with @tygger, why

And then, when I click on Upgrade your limits, I get to “article not found”.

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Hey, @tygger I’m currently looking into this internally so that I can clarify why the ATM limits display in this way in our FAQ. I’ll let you know as soon as I have news on this!

@JHE, sorry to hear your limits have changed due to this update. I’d recommend contacting the customer experience team so that they can check on this for you with your account details and potentially return you to higher limits.

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@Curve_Joel fyi: support can’t help, they are unable to change the limits manually… i’d love to know how many days you’ll need to fix this bug…

To make sure our customers are making the most with Curve, we’re refreshing our spending limits proposition. However, we’re rolling them out gradually, so some of your limits are yet to be increased. If you’ve noticed that your limits are lower than expected, you don’t need to worry as the correct Curve spending limits should be applied to your account in the coming days. I’m sorry for any confusion or inconvenience caused by this.

sorry, but curve should do better than this. an upgrade which is partly a downgrade…

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Hey @tygger, I’ve spoken to the relevant teams and can’t provide a precise timeframe for correcting this limits adjustment. As mentioned by the CX team, this should be resolved in the next few days but I’ll keep you updated on progress as it’s been made!


@Curve_Joel ok, thank you for keeping an eye on this!

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@Curve_Joel my wife’s just received this from support

As you know, some of our customers have recently experienced a series of declines due to a technical issue that affected their spending limits.

I’m happy to let you know that our engineering team has just released a fix and the Curve card spending limits showing in your Curve app should all be corrected now. So, you shouldn’t experience any further issues with making payments via your Curve card.

sounds great, but nothing has changed. we both still have the absolute minimum daily atm limit of 74 000 HUF

Hey David, I’ve also had news on this and can confirm that these limits are correct. This change has been enforced by limitations put in place by the Bank of Lithuania which is why it’s taken some time for us to hammer out the details to be ready for the public.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused by these changes and if you find yourself or your wife reaching these limits then our support team can discuss this further with you then.

these limits cannot be correct. we have users here in hungary, who still have 370 000 huf daily atm limit, as we also had until last week

other users, who have their limits in gbp, still have 1000 gbp daily atm limit

so no, these limits cannot be correct = it’s absolutely not fair that you downgrade some users from one day to another

On the one hand, Joel is correct in that 74k HUF is the correct ATM limit for verified users, as declared here: Your Curve spending limits.

However, why are the verified user limits lower than the starting user limits? Feels a bit backwards to me.

and why did they downgrade some users, while others still have their previous limits? according to the limits page daily atm limit should be 200 GBP for verified users. however:


so i still feel something is wrong here

Limits are definitely all over the place.

@Curve_Joel limit page says amounts listed for verified users are only “starting” limits, previous rules about spending activity still applies:

Once your account is verified, … We also regularly review your spending limits and adjust them accordingly.

these are my new “adjusted” limits:

this must be a bug

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Hey @Nelthorim, the information in this FAQ can be a little misleading. I’ve checked this with the team and am happy to clear up the confusion!

When an EEA user (e.g. Danish) first signs up, their limits are restricted to spending 4250 DKK across POS, Contactless and ATM transactions - This means it’s not 4250 DKK daily at POS/Contactless with an additional 4250 DKK at ATMs but a total of 4250 DKK across all types of transaction.

Once you’re upgraded to standard spending limits there are separate spending limits for Contactless and POS transactions from Withdrawals which actually makes the chances of hitting your withdrawal limits far lower.

@tygger, our support team are aware that there were some accounts that failed to move fully to the new limits correctly. We believe that our product fixed the issue but if you think your account is still being affected then I’d recommend contacting the support team regardless so they can look into any issues for you there.

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@Curve_Joel i still have the problem. before messaging support again i’ll test tomorrow whether is it just a display issue or not (if i’ll be able to withdraw more than 74 000 HUF = display issue, if transaction will be declined = limit issue, we’ll see)

@Curve_Joel so it seems i was really downgraded to the absolute minimum daily atm limit. it is not a display issue, it is a system error

@Petr_Andel hi, this is something else: could you please check your daily atm limit in czk? i’m curious what you’ll find on your limits page

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Both me and my wife have got exactly same daily ATM limits (my wife higher than me :triumph::wink:) as they were before the “limits update”.

ok, thanks! @Curve_Joel of course i’ve contacted support - again, last time i didn’t receive a response

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Hey David, I’ve spoken to the customer experience team and they’ve said that they called you to provide in-depth help with a few issues you’ve been experiencing. if there were any issues with this then please pop me a PM with more information so I can address this with the customer experience team. :raised_hands: