Updated Limits

Both me and my wife have got exactly same daily ATM limits (my wife higher than me :triumph::wink:) as they were before the “limits update”.

ok, thanks! @Curve_Joel of course i’ve contacted support - again, last time i didn’t receive a response

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Hey David, I’ve spoken to the customer experience team and they’ve said that they called you to provide in-depth help with a few issues you’ve been experiencing. if there were any issues with this then please pop me a PM with more information so I can address this with the customer experience team. :raised_hands:


@Curve_Joel ooops… yeah, i had a missed call earlier today, but i couldn’t respond. maybe later

Bear with, you should be hearing from them again soon!

I cant even get to the “Card limits”. Al i get is a page that says “Fel!” witch is Swedish for “Wrong!”.

Hey @MarcusM, welcome to the Community and sorry for that unusually direct error message. Have you tried checking in with our support team with the chat feature too?


No, I have not, i dont get any place to write in, but I gess that it can be that Im in another timezon ?
I live in sweden… ( se picture…)

It’s unusual that the chat feature seems to be working but you have no keyboard to type your message. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if this is a display bug?

That chat feature is not working on my end for some months now.
I can’t start new chats, last was on 31.01.2022

Yes… 2 times but still the same.

Sometime it crashes and sometime it freeze… And sometime I can go back to the app

It has been working splendid right up to last week or so.,

tors 17 mars 2022 kl. 17:12 skrev Joel via Curve Community <imaginecurve@discoursemail.com>:

Hey @MarcusM and @Daddykay, these issues are likely caused by an issue in the way that your account has connected to, or disconnected from, our customer service software, Kustomer. Please can you email the team at support@curve.com instead to make them aware of this so they can troubleshoot and fix the issue? :grin:

I thought the chat feature was turned off again. I am wondering why it was turned off yet it used to work before. May be I was over complaining about stuff that didn’t work that I got banned?

Hey @Daddykay, our support team would never restrict access to the support feature unless the support team have received abuse from the user. At this stage, the user’s account would be cancelled.
However, I know this isn’t your style and your constructive feedback is valued! This will instead be a technical issue rather than a choice.

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Let me get in touch, will let you know of the outcome

hi @Daddykay, as i see your last chat wasn’t ended by curve. open the chat, tap the x, confirm you want to end, and you’ll be able to start new conversation


hi @Curve_Joel, good news again: my (and my wife’s) daily atm limit is back to 370 000 HUF from today. issue is fixed :slight_smile:


This worked. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What a happy thread to come to on a Monday morning! I’m happy to see these issues have been sorted @tygger and @Daddykay. :grin:

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My card limits are now set to zero after the identity verification !!! It is a terrible bug and the assistance is useless… Maybe I’ll give up with Curve.