Updating Expiry Date of a card @ Curve App

Hello. I had a card that I was waiting to arrive (physically), so I was given a virtual card while I was waiting for it to arrive.

Now, it has arrived, however, instead of 04/25 Expiry Date like the virtual card, it has 05/25. It has the same numbers, same code, but there’s this “VALID THRU” difference. Is there any to update the expiry date on Curve App, or do I have to remove the previous card and add it again with the new date?

The issue is:

I still have 2 pending purchases on the virtual card (that I made today before receiving activating the physical card), and 1 refund pending, so if I remove the card, will any of this be affected?

Thank you very much for helping!

Hey! When you activate your physical card that has arrived, the expiry date that is visible on the virtual card in the app should update as well. If this does not happen, please can you reach out to support by emailing them at support@curve.app. They’ll then be able to check your card details and make sure that you’re all set up.

In terms of your pending payments, don’t worry about activating the physical card, the payments will still be processed correctly!

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Hello. Thank you for your reply.

I think I might have explained myself in a mistaken manner. This is not about the Curve virtual and physical card. These work perfectly!

What I mean, is the following:

  1. I got a new credit card, but while it was being shipped, they gave me the virtual card. I added this virtual card to Curve App.
  2. I did lots of purchases with it through the Curve Card; works great. Then, the physical card arrived. It has the same number and same code. However, the card’s expiry date (“VALID THRU”), is 1 month different. My virtual card has 04/25, while the physical card has 05/25.
  3. Hence my question: Since the physical card is the same as the virtual card (same number, same code, same everything—except the expiry date), can I just update its expiry date (changing 04/25 to 05/25) on the Curve App, or do I need to remove it and add a new one with the updated expiry date?

Because if I have to remove and add a new one, won’t I lose my transaction history from that card?

Thanks for helping, and if I still wasn’t clear enough, please let me know.

Hello, if the card number is the same and the only difference is the expiry and CVV you will keep the wallet and timeline history.

You will need to do the following as you can’t update the card in the app.

  1. delete the card from the wallet
  2. add the card details again in Curve as if it was a new card
  3. verify the card
  4. job done

Your card and all the history will reappear in the wallet against the card.

Hope this helps.

PS. I know this as I have just done it :+1:


Did this. Worked perfectly. All solved. Thank you very much!

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You are very welcome indeed :grin:

Glad you got it sorted. You might also want to vote for this idea to try and improve the functionality for dealing with updating expiry dates…

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