Upgrade current blue card to X, not expecting new card

Hello, I followed the upgrade notification and accepted to upgrade to X

I was supposed to be upgrading the plan, not to accept a new card as I see now it’s on the way.

I don’t want/need a new card number as I have a number of subscriptions and links to my current card. It’s not convenient for me to change it everywhere.

My current card if not shown in the app, I only see the replacement to be sent soon.

What about muy current card? If it to be deactivated? Will I be able to use it under X?

In the event of an upgrade/downgrade or loss of the card, you will always receive a new card number.

Asked the support about the same thing, they answered it is not possible to upgrade to X without issuing a new card. They also added:

“On a positive note, your current Curve Card will still work until you activate the new physical card, so you will be able to find a time that suits you best for when to activate the new card and update your digital wallets with the new card details.”

So theoretically until you don’t active your new physical card, you can keep using your old physical card (along with your new virtual card).

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What is your current card? The striped one?

If that’s the case you should not receive a new card.

See here:
No needless reissues:
Previously, some Curve users upgrading from the free subscription to Curve X were being sent a replacement Curve X card despite not needing it. This issue has now been resolved.