How does black curve work?

If I upgrade to black curve can I downgrade after?

Thank you for your information

You can upgrade to Curve black and downgrade at anytime, only Curve metal has a limit on how soon you’re able to downgrade.

When you move to Black, you’ll Be sent a new black card. If you downgrade, that card will be cancelled and a blue one re-issued :smile:

Good and great so when I will receive new black card the blue card will be disable…and if would like to come back to blue a new card will be ship if I understood good…right?

Yep, you’re right on both accounts :slight_smile:

We are in the last month to downgrade to curve legacy black. But somehow it seems there is still no news on when we could downgrade. Is there a date where you believe the downgrade would be rolled out?


Hi i upgrade my blue card to black. My blue card is still valid and working until delivery of new card or no card delivery and my blue card is automatically updated to black conditions?

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When you activate black, that’s when you’ll get the extras :grin:

@Dann, Any news on when we could downgrade to legacy black? it is in the last month already

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So each time you upgrade or downgrade you’ll be up to a month without being able to use Curve until a new card arrives. Doesn’t anyone at Curve think that should be handled better?

I’m sure @Curve_Alejandro or @Curve_Marie can update you on this!

You use the card you have until the new card arrives, so you’ll always be able to use Curve

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Fine then, but it didn’t use to be that way and no one talked about the change in policy :wink:

Until mid 2018, we didn’t have technical capacity to reissue cards without blocking the customer’s existing active card. Since then, we have been able to reissue cards without blocking the active card.

In the case of upgrading from Curve Blue to Curve Black, you will receive Curve Black benefits from the moment you are charged for your first month’s subscription, so that that you can use what you are paying for whilst waiting for your Curve Black card to arrive.

This also applies if you were to upgrade from Curve Blue to Curve Metal/Curve Black to Curve Metal etc…


That is a policy that makes sense, however as recently as two months ago people were reporting having their card cancelled immediately when upgrading or downgrading

In the case of upgrading, this should not be the case and I will discuss this with our Operations Team.

When downgrading from Curve Metal to Curve Black/Blue the card will be blocked as the metal card & the requisite benefits can only be used on a live paid-for Curve Metal subscription. I believe the same process will apply when downgrading from Curve Black to Curve Blue but again I will ask our Operations Team about this.

@Curve_Marie, @Curve_Alejandro , It is only 2 weeks left till the end of the 3 month period. Could we downgrade to Legacy Black Yet? How long more do we have to wait?

We are planning to send a mail this week with instructions, but it looks like no action will mean downgrade to Legacy Black - ie you’ll have to actively subscribe to stay in the paid tier. In any case, the email will clearly state options, obviously try to encourage to stay on Curve Black beyond the trial, and call to action.

Hope this clarifies!


That’s helpful and I think a very sensible decision to keep support ticket workload down too!


Glad that you came to that decision. A lot of people ignore the emails (tough of course they shouldn’t) and it would probably mean a lot of support tickets when everyone started to be charged out of the blue, as they would perceive it