Upgrade my Curve-Plan

How i can upgrade my curve plan without change my current Curve-Card and Number??
(simply continue to use the current card )


Hey @mahima112, our free and premium Curve cards come from different stocks which means they also come with different BINs.
Most of the benefits associated with our premium tiers are linked to the BINs used with our premium cards so if you were to keep your free card while on Metal, for example, you would miss out on many of the associated benefits.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Hi @Curve_Joel

I am currently using the “free blue plan” with a “physical metal card” :crazy_face:

It seems strange to me that a company that sells a “virtual card” business have to reissue your physical card when you change card tier… it is also not sustainable from the earth ecosystem to waste all these plastic/metal…

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I upgraded from blue to black.
Upgrade done on Sunday,
my new card was in my mailbox the following Saturday.
i live in Germany.
My respect for that.
Well done Curve!!!


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