Upgrade to Metal - Cannot activate it - No response from Curve


Can I get some help from anyone in charge at Curve.

I have messaged Curve on 28th July and upgraded to Curve Metal - this was done efficiently and I was glad I received my card on 30th July. Upon trying to activate my new shiny Metal card, the app does not allow me to.

The app still thinks I have got the Blue card. I raised a ticket with Curve and then got a reply asking for screenshot. After they have validated this I was told by Curve there is a bug in the app, and the ‘workaround’ is to delete all my underlying cards and register a new account.

When I tried to follow this, Curve app does not allow me to delete all my registered cards - one card is used for the Metal Subscription and I was not allowed to delete it. I have then replied Curve customer service on 31st July with screenshots, followed up a number of times (4th Aug and 10th Aug), and no one replied me.

Also I had to send a complaint 2 weeks ago on 17th Aug, again no responses from anywhere, not even an acknowledgement (should receive acknowledgement in 3 days as per Curve’s compliant process).

As a result, now I have subscribed to Metal, paid for it, and unable to use it - in addition zero response from Curve.

Can anyone from Curve help?

Hi hansying, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

I’m sorry to read that you’re having so much problems with your metal subscription.

The problem is the vast majority of the people on here are users like yourself, so we don’t have access to any backend systems. However what I will do is to add a member of staff to this post and see if they will be able to reach out to you. @curve_luca.

I hope things are sorted out for you very soon.


Thank you Leon.

Luckily this seems to have drawn some attention (or it could be my email I sent around the same time) - someone from Curve finally got back to me today.

A bit of long-winded process - they had to completely cancel my old account, and I reopened a Metal account. After a few tries finally this has resolved.

Many thanks for helping me to @curve team though!