Upgrade to Metal [from Black]

Given Black will now be £9.99/month, i’d like to upgrade to Metal (plus it looks great).

How can you upgrade? There’s no setting in the app.

Update to the newest version, then click on mange your subscription and chose Metal.
If you haven’t received the new update via the app/play store yet, wait a few more hours.

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I’m on 3.0.1 - there’s no subscription tab?

My app just updated but at the Confirm Details screen it said ‘unable to change subscription’ although I have just seen a transaction for £150 on my Monzo card… (which I chose to pay from).

[Updated: I’ve just got some AXA policies emailed to me] but nothing from Curve to confirm the transaction]

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Mine just updated and threw TONS of errors.

After a few tries it appears to have updated/upgraded.

Good luck!

What does success look like? Should the app show something? I have some insurance policies and a debit on my chosen card but still no confirmation.

That’s what happened to me. I contacted support but waiting for a reply.

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Your card should now show Metal, not the Black/Blue one.

Keep trying - it was VERY flaky for me.

If we keep trying, isn’t it going to take £150 each time?

I wouldn’t suggest to keep trying to order. Rather hard close (kill) the app and if that doesn’t help, try a fresh install.
You should see the “Manage your subscription” row in the card tab when you open the app again.

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I uninstalled the Curve App, reinstalled - Checked my subscription level. And indeed my Sub was successful as it shows my Metal card and current status.

So worth uninstalling / reinstalling


No it won’t as all Curve Black users are as standard being grandfathered to the legacy black card. (Everyone that ordered a Curve black card before 27/1/19.)

If you’ve upgraded to the Curve Metal just because of the above then you’ve done yourself a disservice. As you can’t now switch back to fee free black.

I’m trying to upgrade mine to the Red Metal and it just keeps saying it couldn’t upgrade me after whirring for ages. Anyone else having this?

Yes exactly, I had this. I uninstalled the APP, reinstalled and then it’s confirmed my subscription had gone through and show my coloured metal card.

Give it a go - worked for me. IOS App

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Hey @MattChurchill, looks like @MrChagle had the same issue but fixed it… have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

@Dann I did uninstall and reinstall but it didn’t immediately fix it, but I just kept trying and got there in the end.