Upgrade to metal: Only Red metal cards available?

Hi all, I’m very sorry if this is a duplicate, I have spent some time trying to find the answer on the Boards.

It seems in the app only the red colour metal card is available - is this temporary (to use up wirecard stock) a glitch or permanent?

I should say - I’m relatively new to Curve (I received my card on the wednesday before Wirecard issue happening on the weekend).

I am impressed by curve response to what was clearly a difficult time, which has convinced me I’d like to upgrade to metal.


Hey @Mrmcguire!

Yep I’ve just checked on the app and I can only see the red metal card available. I’d also assume it’s because of availability (I believe the cards are produced in the US), as their website still shows all colours:

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I upgraded last night via the app. Didn’t get prompted for the colour of the card and it defaulted to red. Immediately contacted customer services and got a reply this morning saying I can’t change it. Annoying cos the red card looks horrible to me. :frowning:

I like the red, in fact that’s the one I chose :joy:

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I was about to choose the blue one, but I felt that all the rest of my cards are blue anyway, so I picked red to make it stand out.

It looks amazing, so no complaints here :joy:

I ordered mine on the 1st, and then there was choice available, but maybe they’ve just run out of old stock for the other colors and haven’t set up their own manufacturing process yet.


Thanks all - think I’ll hold off on upgrading until there is some choice:)

Me too…