Upgraded for better support. Cards stopped working. There is still no support

Look, this is getting out of hand.

I urgently needed to increase my spending limit (no idea why it was so small, being a heavy user for a few years). I asked support, impossible to reach. I upgraded to Black for a ‘priority support’. My cards stopped working and there is STILL no support. I asked on Twitter, tweeted on Twitter - no response.

Are you guys actually serious? this is beyond ridiculous. I am being locked out of my cards where big purchases are coming up (was hoping for a cashback), there is virtually ZERO possibility to contact support.

I am strongly considering moving back to my premium credit card provider and use card directly with them. You guys simply cannot run business like this with zero customer support, this is not an inconvenience anymore. I freaking paid 10 EUR subscription to get my cards blocked and unable to use them. Losing all potential cashback, being unable to use service I paid for.

PLEASE CURVE REACH OUT TO ME - I am beyond disappointed and almost done with your service.

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Hi there

My cards are blocked for over 3 days after I bought the premium account. I bought it to access support faster. I wanted to access support faster, because I need to increase my daily spend limits. Your support is not existent.

Summary: wanted to increase my spend limit, couldn’t reach support, bought premium for ‘priority support’, couldn’t reach support anyways, limits got lowered with a new useless ‘premium’ card, all cards got blocked, support is still not reachable.

This is frankly borderline insane and should make an interesting press coverage.

PLEASE advise asap on this and unlock my card & increase limits!


Hello @olekskw,

this is the curve community, not the curve helpdesk. Moderators cannot see or modify any personal information, we are normal users like you with more knowledge. Your limits depends on multiple factors.

Check this article for more information:

Here you can read the statement from curve why support response time is currently longer:

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