Upgraded IOS App Now 2 Cards Need Verifying

Just updated IOS app now 2 of my cards are saying they need verifying? Why they worked fine before I updated app? I now have to wait couple of days to use my main cards as I have to wait for verification transactions to appear on my statements.

I am the same…one card greyed out, one card unverified and my Curve Rewards are unavailable.

I have verified my existing cards and they are back working okay. But as you my rewards are still sitting as temporarily unavailable?

Same - tbh this update was a mess up (IMHO). These should have been communicated very clearly before the update is pushed to the app store and any material change should be with user CONSENT.

Ideally, the comms should go out advising users of anticipated change with a FAQ link detailing what can go wrong and what will change and also providing support details to resolve the issue. Once that is done and a suitable time frame is complete say 48hrs, the update should be made available in the app store. CC @Curve_Alejandro

Another issue is the grid view to select card is gone - i can only see carousal.

Also Email sending preferences got reset

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@manu I couldn’t have put it better myself

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My Monzo card is greyed out to the extent I don’t know if it will work or if it needs verifying again.

I am finding Curve a bit lax at the moment tbh, my email got shared without my permission last week and now I have been automatically upgraded and sent insurance documents when I do not want them.

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Hey @robmckenzieuk can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing so we can try to help you?

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I went into the card details and was able to download the card image so it’s all ok now thank you, I just need to verify my Barclaycard again. Thanks Dann

Glad you’re sorted! :smile: