Upgraded to black plan. Rules stopped working. No response from support for 6 days

So I decided to upgrade my free plan to Black. My smart rules stopped working and I can’t edit them. I used online chat to get help with that issue. 6 days passed and literally no reply. What’s the point of paying for the service? Is it normal for Curve support to ignore their customers?

Yeah my smart rules doesn’t work either. Never got the chance to try them; “an error occurred”. Thankfully the back in time feature works fine

Hello @piotr12,

Simply reply to your ticket again or dm the social media team via Twitter @AskCurve they can check your case and solve it or re-prioritize it.

Oh nice. So what’s the point of “Help center”? Shouldn’t it just state - please use Twitter if you want to contact us?

Hello @piotr12,

no, the social media team is not the support.
The social media team can help but this is not their primary job.

Depending on the Volume of tickets and people opening multiple tickets for the same reason it takes some time until other tickets get a response.