Upgraded to Curve Black, no card delivered yet

I upgraded to Curve Black more than a month ago because I liked the service and wanted to get more from my Curve Card. The first free tier arrived at my place in two weeks or so (living in Cyprus). Since I upgraded to Black (~14th-15th June) I have yet to receive the Black replacement card. This is twice the time needed to get a free card where Black is supposed to be a premium, priority option. Afaik, no tracking service is provided and I already paid for two months of Black subscription without the card. Curve Pay works well with NFC payments but some places still don’t offer NFC. Support takes 3-4 days to answer and told me that they need to verify my info to ship me a new one since this one seems to be lost (how do they know that without tracking the parcel I still don’t know, it might just be delayed in delivery or a very late dispatch so the date shown in the app is incorrect).

Long story short, I verified my information and asked if this time the parcel could be expedited (I won’t be paying for a third month before I even get the card). Radio silence for the past 2 days again. Another week was wasted trying to find out where my card is and when I could get it.