Upgraded to Curve Metal

I have just upgraded to Curve Metal, however, it did NOT give the choice of which card design that I can choose. Who designs these marketing websites and WHY did it not give me the choice, very disappointed.

Dam you should of stick to black metal not worth it

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Hi Cannetto, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

You can request your card colour by contacting customer support at the following email address support@curve.app or via the Curve application.

Thanks for your question.

With many thanks for your reply and message. It should give you the option FIRST, I cannot understand why this ongoing issue has not been addressed. A poor display of innovative leadership.

Thanks again

With thanks to you Patrice58 for your reply. On reflection, when I upgraded, within a few minutes, I received an email stating that my new card was on its way. I contacted support straight away, however, the card and upgrade was ordered, how can support help at this stage. Incidentally, I am still awaiting a reply from support. It’s a strange set up and the system has to be looked at as how can you choose the card when it gives you no option to do so, I am disappointed as it displays poor leadership and I cannot understand why the senior management are not addressing this issue.

That’s no problem whatsoever I’m pleased you found my post helpful. Yeah I’m sure if you’re unhappy with the colour of your card when you receive it, contact them as above and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you.

Bet they’ll ask 'em to pay before being argued into actually doing what they should have done in the first place.


Just to let you know that all metal cards are “out of stock” and the only one available is in white. Instead of advising customers about NO STOCKS available, Curve decided to say nothing and not to let the customer know that there is NO choice of cards available, other than white. This is not the way you do business with any person, it’s rather disappointing to have experienced a very poor customer service experience. If you are purchasing an item on the web, say clothing, the website by law must state which colours are in stock. The website owners is not allowed to ‘box out’ a colour that suits them, they should inform the customer first. It is only common sense and good manners to behave in an ethical way. Disappointed and let down from the start.


@Curve_Joel Can you take a look at this please? Thanks a lot.

Curve Metal White is :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Just to flag - myself and many others have had issues with the upgrade & haven’t received any of the premium features we have paid for. I was also originally charged three times for attempting to upgrade (now refunded) - but suggest checking your bank account to make sure curve haven’t charged you multiple times - starting to feel horribly like the company might be struggling based on the lack of communication & inability to deliver the product paid for by customers

Thank you. You are quite correct, I never seem to receive any replies and fairly disappointed at the customer care and customer service.

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I’m really happy with my white card - all the others are just fugly.

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Have you tried using the form?

I got a reply within 5 minutes earlier

Thank you for your message and help.

I think once you contact a company by email, this should suffice and all other methods are not necessary. When you are not replied to, it can send signals of “not interested” or there is a serious issue somewhere and not managed well.

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In the greater scheme of things, does it really matter?