Upgraded to Curve X, can't use Curve anymore

Hi there,

I have been a happy user of Curve Blue (free plan) and decided to upgrade to Curve X to benefit from the 1.99EUR/month offer for the first year.

Now, I no longer have Curve working. That has been a subpar UX journey so far. Can you help with figuring out what I did wrong and what I can do next?

By subpar UX journey, I mean:

  • Upon upgrading to Curve X, I immediately got my Curve Blue 16 digits card number changed to a new one. My Curve Blue immediately stopped working. I was not ready for that.
  • The new card will be delivered in 10 days. So in the meantime, I tried to add it to Google Pay. I kept getting an obscure error.
  • Then I thought I had to “Activate” the new Curve card first. For that, the Curve app asks for the last 4 digits of that card, which are displayed in the App itself. I don’t understand that step, since it doesn’t verify that the card has been delivered. Usually, banks ask for the CVC to activate the card, and the CVC can only be known by receiving the physical card. In the case of Curve, which displays in the app the PAN + expiry + CVC, why not having a simple “Activate card” button then?
  • I didn’t want to activate the card before it’s shipped to me, in case it gets intercepted while in postal transit. Yet, cornered by having nothing working and feeling cornered, I did the activation with the last 4 digits. The Curve app kept throwing me errors.
  • Eventually, the activation modal disappeared, so I assume my new card is activated.
  • I still can’t add it in Google Pay :frowning:
  • I tried to make an online payment with it, it wouldn’t get accepted :frowning:
  • I eventually go to this forum to look for similar stories. I read that I have to use the physical card, which still works until the new one is delivered.
  • Then try the physical card in a store, it doesn’t work :frowning:
  • I tried again for an online payment, which now works. Finally something working! I still can’t add it to Google Pay though, and I don’t know why.

TL;DR: I wanted to pay Curve for a service that I used to use for free, and I only got trouble, and a non-functioning service instead. Very disappointing transition.


I agree it is weird that in order to activate your physical card the last four digits are asked and not the CVC.
But the CVC and expiration date you see in the app, before you have activated your physical card, are different than the CVC and the expiration date of your physical card. This is an extra security measure to make sure that if your physical card is intercepted in the mail it can not be used because this physical card (with the different CVC and expiration date than the one in your app) has not been activated yet in the app.

Once you have activated your physical card the CVC and the expiration date in the app will change and will be the same as the CVC and expiration date of your physical card. This process is also described on the help page below.

In the topic below someone else describes a similar issue where his physical card directly stops working after an upgrade. The reply of the community moderator @Curve_Joel shows this is unexpected behaviour.

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Thanks! That helped: removing Curve Blue from GPay allows to add the new Curve card, and pay with it.

On the Security side, I’m still puzzled by the mechanism you explained: it seems I was able to activate the physical card already, before receiving it. Actual security would have been to ask for the CVC that is on the physical card, while the app only shows the CVC of the temporary, virtual, card.


I agree, that’s why I started my post with

Guessing, but it might be that this functionality, asking for the last four digits (instead of CVC), is a ‘leftover’ from the time Curve didn’t offer (temporary) virtual cards.

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I see, indeed launching Curve X and the transition process must have been rushed.
Hope the team gets it under control and takes existing users/customers alongside.

Btw, I can’t use it on Amazon. If anyone has the reason code or a workaround, I am all ears!



Me too…google pay doesnt recognise it either.

Got to be sorted soon or its going to returned.

@matt2 If it can help, here’s what I’ve learnt:

  • If you add Curve to a merchant that already has your previous Curve card number already authorized, it may not trigger 3DS in the Curve App, and you won’t be able to add the card (If someone here works in Payment, please share some technical knowledge on why would that happen, thanks :slight_smile: ). That was the case for me on Google Pay.
  • Amazon has its weird infra too. I managed to add Curve finally to my account, by trying on different versions of Amazon.* that eventually pass my card details between each other.

I have the same issue. I got a new (free O.G.) card 1 month ago because the old one expired. I activated it and used it without any problem till today. Yesterday I subscribed to Curve X and the app said I will get a new card (but why???) and the current card had been blocked. So I have to wait 2-3 weeks (this time is the half-time of the subscription) for the new card and I cannot pay with the current. That’s nonsense.

What happens when someone later downgrade from X to free? New card & waiting again?

I think yes and you have to pay the downgraded (O.G) card reissue fee. This is not a user-friendly solution.

So you are saying that you have tried to pay with your existing “old” physical card, and it got rejected?

Yes. I tried to pay in Tesco in the morning and it declined.

AFAIK once upgrading, the old card is immediately deactivated, so you can’t use it and have to check the services where you had set it up with recurring payments.

Are you able to activate your new card with the last 4 digits displayed in the app? It worked for me, and then adding it to GPay (or GWallet now?) after removing the old one allowed me to pay in store with my phone. For paying with a physical card, you’ll have to wait for the card delivery.

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“Old” card was only 1 month old… I don’t know any valid reason for this card reissue.

Hasn’t Curve heard about climate change yet? Why do they waste the Earth’s resources for these nonsense processes? (and they also waste my time because I have to change my card details for recurring payments…again…)

I upgraded to Curve X a week ago and as a result no longer have a functioning Curve account. All transactions are declined. Just boilerplate back from the support robot so far. My old Curve card was immediately cancelled and now my new card has arrived it simply doesn’t work.

What a privilege to be able to give them my money and as a result have them stop my service immediately.

What on earth is going on?

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I had the same problem when I changed to the new-design card.

The truth is that you can’t use Curve anymore before the new card arrives.

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You aren’t suppose to activate the new virtual card, it just works immediately after issuing. The “activate” option is there for the physical card, so you should do it only when it arrives and you have it in your hand.

By activating it prior to arriving:

  • you deactivate your old card, so you wont have a working physical card;
  • you make the new card insecure, as someone could potentially steal it and use it for payment while it is being delivered.

You should be able to use virtual cards :thinking:

A quick update from me. I got my new Curve card to work by removing it completely from Apple Pay and readding it by typing in its details.

I also have used it via PayPal successfully also. It turns out that my test transaction of 5GBP of bitcoin from paypal was being declined because that just doesnt work.

Happy again, without any help from Curve. My chatbot question has gone unanswered for over 24hrs now.

Edit: Got a chatbot response of “Oh it looks like it’s now working” 48hrs later. No apologies and no compensation for the inconvenience. Very poor.