Upgraded to X and received a Business Credit Card - now can't use with Apple Pay

Well this is annoying.
On my previous Curve Card I’d added a couple of personal credit cards and a couple of business credit cards as I’m a Ltd company sole trader. This was very handy for moving purchases between personal/business accounts, and was great to be able to use Apple Pay too.
Now, having switched to Curve X, I’ve been sent a Curve Business Credit Card which, having read the info online, sounds correct. My range of personal and business cards are all present on the app but it now won’t let me add the Curve X card to Apple Pay. I’ve removed the old card from Apple Wallet and tried adding it direct from the Curve app and manually from within the Apple Wallet but it won’t let me add it.
Anyone have any ideas or do I need to switch to a personal Curve X card? Can I still add business credit cards to a personal Curve X card?

Hello @editordoug,

usually, Curve issues personal cards.
Adding business cards can change your account type to business.

I had no issues with Apple Pay while i had a Curve business card.

To get a personal card simply get in touch with the Customer Support and they will re-issue your card.

I never had problems with Apple Pay before either. I just looked at my old card and it is labelled as a ‘Commercial’ card whereas the new X card has ‘Business’ on the back. I don’t see why they should be different but it just won’t add to Apple Wallet.
I’ve contacted Customer Support but more than 48 hours have passed and I’ve had zero response. Not ideal.

You could shoot the social media team via Twitter a dm.

Usually, you receive a response within 24-72 hours from the support. Depending on the volume of open tickets it can take longer.

Weird I just noticed that I was on a business account when i received my new Curve business card and no problem for Apple Pay

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