Upgrading to Black/Metal — will my free card be disabled or can I keep using it with cashback until the new one arrives?

I currently have the blue card. It ends in a couple of weeks. I want to upgrade to a premium card, but my questions are:

1- Imagine that the blue free card ends @ 20th June. If I order the new card on 20th June, will I be able to keep using my blue card until the new one arrives and is activated? Or is the blue deactivated and I get a virtual card while I wait for the new physical card?

2- Moreover, what will happen to the cashback? Will it stay because I upgraded even though the free blue card’s cashback ends @ 20th June, or will it end and only begin again when I activate the new premium card?


I.e., I’ll keep using the blue card but with the metal/black benefits until the actual card arrives and I activate it, which then disables the blue card?

Thank you.

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