Upgrading to Metal

Hello - a couple of questions on upgrading.

  1. Do I keep the same card number (i.e it’s only the underlying tier system that changes) ?
  2. I’m a bit confused about cash back. If i upgrade to Metal, will I be able to benefit from unlimited cash back for 6 retailers on not? Some of the documentation is confusing…
  1. Your Card number changes when you upgrade to metal, your pin code doesn’t change.
  2. Your Cashback is not time limited anymore, but if you downgrade to blue you lose access to cashback again.
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i upgraded to metal this week and i got new cc number.

Out of curiosity, what was your motivation in upgrading. Was it the cashback?

I got a different card number when I upgraded, then again when I downgraded back to blue

  1. as reported above, new card number on upgrade.
  2. Correct, 6 retailers unlimited* (with an AUP ofcourse).

For me it was, as my cashback yearly was over the yearly fee, so I got extra free money and some bonus perks.

so @sambrownstone - a couple of different replies from folks, with the majority seeming to get a new number.
As a product manager, please can you:

  1. Officially confirm the answer
  2. Indicate if it’s possible to manually force retention of the existing number on upgrade if a customer asks for it?

User story: As a customer, I’ve changed all my online purchasing accounts to use Curve. It was a pain to find where they all were and I don’t want to do it again when I upgrade.

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Hey @andygodber - to confirm the answers to your questions:

  1. Yes, your card number will change if you decide to upgrade to Metal
  2. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to keep the same card number since there are certain benefits that are specifically tied to the Metal card numbers

Hopefully this clears things up and I’m sorry for any inconvenience - I can definitely understand the frustration of having to update all of your card details!

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Ok for the card number change, but if one does not renew the Metal over the years and should receive a refund on the old Metal card number, how would the transaction proceed?

You would still receive the refund as it would be matched to the original transaction that the refund relates to. If the refund can’t be matched, you’ll receive a notification in the app asking you to select an underlying card for it to be processed to.

Hope this helps!

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