US Bank fees while paying in France

I used my Curve card linked to my Bank Of America card for a payment in France.The transaction was seen as an International transactions and I had to pay fees.
Is that normal ?

If Bank of America considers an online transaction based in London (though the transaction is in US Dollars*) to be an International transaction and they charge you a fee for that, then it is ‘normal’.

*Assuming you have set the currency of your underlying Bank of America card in the Curve app to US Dollars (as in most of the cases this would be the correct setting for you).

Check the foreign transaction fee in the terms & conditions of your BoA card. It will probably say something like this:

Foreign Transaction

3% of the U.S. dollar amount of each transaction (1) made in a foreign currency, or (2) made in U.S. dollars if the transaction is made or processed outside of the United States. This fee will be in addition to any other applicable fee.

Looks like BoA also has some credit cards with 0% foreign transaction fee.

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I have both the Cash rewards and Travel rewards BoA CCs.

I too was surprised when setting USD as the currency and paying for something on Amazon in GBP with curve, that I was charged 3%. It seems BoA knew the payment wasn’t in the USA and so charged the fee anyway. This is a shame as I’ve set Amazon as one of my 1% and was hoping to use my online purchase style cash reward markups of 3% plus preferred rewards bonus. Indeed, initially I did receive 5.25% from BoA and 1% from Curve before I then saw the fee as a separate transaction. The blurb of this does mention USD outside USA.

Thankfully I used the GBIT feature from the cash rewards to travel rewards and BoA didn’t add any fee. Instead of getting up to almost 6.25% cash back I got ~3.53% - I think I was able to get the retailer specific setting (internet) either because Curve are passing merchant details, or BoA use the text of the purchase, which contains Amazon… Or all Curve are classed as internet purchase.