USD ATM withdrawal using Santander All In One Credit Card on Curve

Hi folks

I’ve had a good read through the FAQs and search boxes but I’m brand new to Curve and a little confused so hopefully you can help me out!

I’m heading to the States next month and looking to withdraw a small amount of dollars while I’m there. My Santander All In One credit card is 0% fees on foreign transactions but charges the usual extortionate rates for ATM withdrawals. I’m hoping I can add the credit card to Curve, set the currency to USD and then withdraw from the ATM.

Would this attract a foreign ATM fee on my Santander credit card? Or would Curve enable it to look like a purchase?

Thanks in advance, hope I’ve explained properly! :slight_smile:

(My Santander card is GBP)

My experience in the US using Curve card at ATM is that no one of them was “fee free”. I got to pay $3 each time, but that was charged by the ATM owner, nor Curve or my underlying card issuer. The exchange rate was good and no exchange fee was applied. On one trip I went to Canada as well, and there I didn’t find a ATM fee applied, so apparently that’s a US thing you cannot avoid.

Thank you, I did see that but kind of wondered if I’d misunderstood the point of Curve. I will have another read through.

Thank you, that’s helpful to know!

In that topic you will not find anymore information for your specific question:

All depends on the issuer of your underlying card. If I perform this transaction as you describe it with my underlying Dutch Creditcard selected in the Curve app, the underlying Card issuer will not charge me any fees, because it does not recognise the transaction as a cash withdrawal (if I would use my Dutch Creditcard directly at the ATM I would be charged).
But I know of different other underlying cards that do charge a fee, because they do recognise this transaction as a cash withdrawal.
To be sure you can only test it yourself or hope that someone with the exact same Creditcard as you as underlying card in the Curve app can tell you.

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Most ATMs in both the US and Canada charge a fee of typically $3-5. Fee-free ATMs do exist but are rare. The best chance is to try local credit unions. If they do charge a fee, they will display it and give you the chance to cancel.

Hi @lionness30 The information that’s been provided by everyone is accurate. Just to further explain, Curve does pass on the MCC (Merchant Category Code) to your underlying card so you won’t be able to mask an ATM withdrawal with Curve.