Use another curve card as a backing card?

It just dawned on me that a simple solution to the lack of joint bank account support, could easily be solved by my wife simply getting a curve card and adding mine as the backing card.

I wonder if this would work?

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Good idea but unfortunately your wife will not be able to add your card in her Curve account as you can only add cards that are in your own name, otherwise you are breaking Curve terms.

Will that’s shame. Sounds like it could work from a technical standpoint and so the only thing holding Curve back is a policy decision… They could provide joint account holders a solution by just tweaking some Ts&Cs

Well actually, it is also just not possible to add another Curve card (regardless of the name it has on it) as an underlying card to a Curve wallet.


If your wife/kid/friends have NFC phone/watch/bracelet that supports Google Pay / Samsung Pay / Apple Pay / Garmin Pay / Wena Pay / Fitbit Pay - you can add your Curve card as payment representative on multiple devices and use them even simultaneously.

I add my card on 3 phones (Google Pay) + 2 phones (Samsung Pay) + 2 fitness bracelets (Fitbit Pay).

With Samsung Pay I even withdraw money several times via contactless ATMs.

PIN code of physical Curve card is used when needed.

I asked if this was allowed, and was told this was not permitted. Although that is purely policy that could be adjusted rather than also having a technical block like trying to add a curve backing card (which could also be adjusted).

Really if they’re actively looking at supporting companion cards they might consider the easy win. They currently have it just as a to-do item for months.

Note that my wife already has our joint backing card on gpay, what we lack is the ability to chip and pin when a store (i.e. Tesco for over £30) doesn’t take that. It’s signature… because America. Thankfully this is rare, but the curve would make using our 2.62% cashback just like a normal UK card.

Out of interest, which card are you using that gives 2.62% cashback?

BofA Travel Rewards, with a bump-up in the rate through savings/investments?


I also get 5.25% cashback on online dollar purchases with a cash rewards card. Sadly the UKness of the Curve didn’t work when I tried using that card with Curve set to do the conversion. This /may/ change depending on internationalisation and switching from the underlying card merchant.

I thought that must have been it, thanks for the confirmation!

I hoped the switch from Wirecard to MasterCard might have meant payments converted into dollars by curve would not trigger BoA’s detection of the transaction being foreign.

Sadly it didn’t work. I might see if I can help trial the US curve launch.

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