Use app on 2 phones

I have a work phone and my own, it frustrating that the app will only operate on one phone. If you want to use the other phone you have to get another magic link and switch to the other phone

I imagine it would be virtually impossible to manage multiple phones from a security point of view, I am sure someone would want it on three, (or four so their family can use it.) At what point would Curve be able to decide a second phone was fraudulent use (cloned) rather than just someone with two phones?

I can understand the frustration, but I would prefer to feel 100% secure. One phone to rule them all… :wink:

As far as I’m aware, I have the app active on my iPad and Android device.

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This is incorrect. Usually if one misses their phone it is very likely they lost the card too. but in this case it is easier to block the card from the other phone at home or your friends/family.
If someone loses the phone , however, there is No security risk I envisage on curve point of view. The max which can happen is the theif can block your card. This is further more protected by phone security and the app pin.

Hence I feel having the facility if installing the app on two phones is surely an important feature.

Curve is not a bank or a credit agency. However, most banks and credit agency allow more than one installation of the app. I feel curve must extend that facility in theirs too.

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What is fraudulent use ? You mean transaction ? The app does not enable transaction on the phone

Hi bcvd, welcome to the forums.

I have to admit this post was a while ago and I cannot remember my reason for the comment.

I think it was more about if the app is on multiple phones, you could (potentially) select different cards on each, causing confusion.

The only security risk is a thief could unblock your blocked card if the app was allowed to be active on more than one phone. They could view your pin. Once Apple Pay arrives, presumably they could spend money.

You are right though, they would have to get into the app first.

Thanks for the reply. … thread was a bit old one.
“I think it was more about if the app is on multiple phones, you could (potentially) select different cards on each, causing confusion.”
I think this is not possible since the app gets the data from a central server and once changed in one app the same must reflect in all the linked-apps on other devices.
You are right the thief can unblock the card. Now the thing in question is

  1. The thief gets hold of your phone
  2. He(theif) knows the pin for your phone and also the app inside the phone
  3. He gets hold of your card
  4. He knows that the card is blocked and he unblocks it.
    Odds are very very less. I think it is better to have the feature. Almost all banks and other vendors provide this access. In my case I dedicate a phone for banking only. This is the problem. I cannot access the curve app from that phone as-well-as from the phone I take with me out every day.

Well… Someone must change this policy.