"Use Automatically" Curve Cash setting breaks Tesco Pay at Pump

Issue: If you have “Use Automatically” enabled for Curve Cash and a balance above £1 (but presumably below £99) the Tesco Pay at Pump authorisation transaction of £1 will post against Curve Cash but be declined due to insufficient funds (I assume because Tesco Pre-Authorise £99)

How to reproduce it: see above

OS: Android 10

Device: OnePlus 7 Pro

App version: 2.33.0

Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Op17iNilVZ7uxydnGvex_7jqwOZSnXR1/view?usp=sharing

Hey @csutcliff thanks for flagging this! Our payments team are aware of this issue and are investigating at the moment.