"Use first"

Any news on when the promised “use first” feature (to use the Curve Cash balance first, then charge the remainder to your default card) will become available?

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It’s a bit funny that you ask Curve for a timeframe, they haven’t kept the previous timeframes given, why would it be any different this time?

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Dont forget
You can only use curve cash if it cover the full payment

True. Having been a big fan of Curve before the Wirecard fiasco, it’s disappointing to see how it has all gone to hell in a handbasket.

I’ve pretty much stopped using Curve for now.

At present, yes, hence my enquiry about the promised new feature.

As I understand the promised new feature, it would use curve cash automatically if it covers the whole payment. If the payment is larger than the curve cash balance, the whole payment would be charged to your selected underlying card.

Hmm. That’s not how I read it initially. But reading it again now I can see that your interpretation is likely correct (though it’s far from clear).

That same news post promises the facility to transfer one’s Curve Cash balance to another card. It would be useful to have some official word on the progress of that.

So the curve cash are in GBP
And your underlaying card are in CZK, and the payment are in EUR

Thats a lot of exchange

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Not sure who this is addressed to. I have cards billed in Euro and Sterling (only).

@hup is trying to make a point of how complicated one single transaction can be if lots of different currencies were to be involved innone transaction. It was my impression it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular - just trying to paint an example.


If curve cash are in like PLN (polish currency)
And your card is set to PLN

No big problem
It will convert it, then take the amount you have from the curve cash then use the selected card

But with more currency involved, it be tricky

Hello @mousebotherer,

This feature is currently being built :smiley:

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Any idea when it will be available to beta testers?

After it is built. :rofl:


I think most of us would prefer an actual answer as to when your going to stop holding the money on our curve cash to ransom and let us move it back to the card it was purchased on. An absolute joke you introduce a feature half-baked and then refuse to move allow people to move the money off. Curve is most definitely on its last legs for me if it isn’t sorted soon.

As an FYI for anyone in same boat as me, little known but you can actually ask a shop to take a certain amount by card if you want to clear an exact amount off your curve cash. Get them to do this, then open and switch back to card you want to use for the rest of the payment.

The other thing that you can do is use your curve card to pay off your credit card, as long as the underlying payment is not another credit card.

So if you set Curve to Curve Cash and simply pay your current Curve Cash balance off your credit card with your curve card you have effectively moved your curve cash balance to your credit card.

I do this frequently with no issues.

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As well as paying a credit card you can also use Curve Cash to pay into a Revolut account, but it needs to be at least £10.

Not if you ask yourself the money :smirk:


True, if you send a request link then it has to be at least £1.00.